New Music Mondays

April 7, 2014

When it comes to finding new music, we look to our friends, we explore our local music scene & there may be a chance we find something on our local radio station.

For me I have relied heavily on CBC’s Radio 2, and the focus of this post NoiseTrade.

With NoiseTrade, you have access to thousands of songs, thousands of albums. It’s free (sort of. there is value in your personal information) and it’s legal. In exchange for your email address and your postal code, you can find your next favourite artist, the next emerging big hit or that gem that you’ll want to keep to yourself.

So how does this all work? Artists can upload an entire album, live recordings, b-sides and other rarities. Instantly their music becomes available, ready to be explored and enjoyed.

Like what you hear? Well you can leave a ‘tip’ for the artist. There are examples where artists have released an entire album and through the ‘tips’ raised money for a variety of causes. From where I am listening, it’s a win-win-win!

Like the Blues, Country, Folk or Indie Rock? You can search by genre. Have you heard a new artist and want to check them out? You can see if they have posted any additional music.

Frequently there are collaborations and great samplers that are offered. These samplers are a wonderful way of being introduced to new music. Someone has taken the time to put together the ultimate mixed-taped for your listening pleasure.

So – the next time you are feeling a bit tired of the radio or your own personal music collection, go check out NoiseTrade. If you find an artist you like, please share it!

Happy Listening!