A New Ride and New Considerations

April 30, 2014

I haven’t grown tired of running to work. It’s an both an economical and spiritual method of transportation. Along with running, I have a passion for experiencing the open road on a bicycle.

My 16 year old mountain bike was re-purposed to be a winter commuter, albeit, one that was used infrequently. I also have a 2011 Giant TCR Composite 1. However, something was missing.

On those short errands or short rides to work, it’s hard to justify riding the Giant, so I began my search for a more urban commuter. I settled on a ‘fixie‘, the Echo, from Pure Fix Cycles.

It’s utilitarian and simplistic design is part of its beauty and the idea of riding a fixie, was part of the allure.

Today was the first day I used it to commute to work. I’m not talking long distance here, rather a short bust of effort to get to and from work, and allow me to continue running, but over the lunch hour.

Today’s journey taught me a few lessons:
1. The bike needs a back brake: This kind of talk might go against all that a fixie is meant to be, but if you have ever biked in Ottawa, you know that the the extra stopping power provides an invaluable sense of comfort.

2. Clip-less Pedals: This is a no brainer for me. More power and again more control.

3. Hills: I won’t be climbing, with any regular frequency, any steep hills, but inclines are a tad more challenging with one gear. Please refer to lesson #2.

4. Headwinds: No matter if you are a weekend road racer, a daily commuter, or back-country rider, headwinds are your nemesis.

If you have any suggestions for this fixie newbie, please share them. In the meantime, cycle safe!

More information on Pure Fix Cycles:
Facebook: Pure Fix Cycles
Twitter: @PFCycles
Web: purefixcycles.com

More information on cycling in Ottawa:
1. City of Ottawa
2. National Capital Commission
3. GoBiking.ca




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