New Music Monday

April 28, 2014

Full disclosure. My admiration for the Tragically Hip is unrelenting. From the late 1980’s, their music has been a constant for me. I’ve seen countless shows, crossed international borders to see them and have a library of photos from past shows.

So when I heard that Justin Rutledge was releasing an album of covers, I was intrigued. I have heard various covers of various Hip songs, from Sarah Polley’s cover of Courage, to the Sterephonics’ cover of Fiddler’s Green, I’ve been surprised by his imaginative and creative interpretations.

Daredevil, Justin Rutledge’s latest album, came out on April 22 and it’s been on heavy rotation over the last week. I don’t know the history of the name of the album, but can only imagine that it’s a reflection of the guts it took to take on a project like this.

These are not simply covers, but rather stripped down and rebuilt testaments to a band and the music from Justin Rutledge’s formative years.

You won’t hear the anthemic ‘New Orleans is Sinking’, or the culturally entrenched ‘Wheat Kings’, but you will hear an album of covers that will surprise you. The arrangements and the guest voices of Andy Maize (Skydiggers) , Jenn Grant, Brendan Canning and others have produced an eerily haunting album – one where when you close your eyes, you are transported to this surreal state of wonderment.

Put it Off, Fiddler’s Green and Grace, Too are some of my favourites! Whether you are a fan of The Hip or Justin Rutledge, you’ll be happy with Daredevil.

Take a it for a spin. Let me know what you think!

To learn more about Justin Rutledge:
Facebook: Justin Rutledge Music
Twitter: @JustinJRutledge


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