The Personal Day

April 16, 2014

It was only two weeks ago I decided to take the ‘Personal Day’ afforded to me under my collective agreement. In years past, I usually coupled this day with the ‘Volunteer Leave’ and spent a long weekend with the Alumni Association of Lakehead University‘ either helping with Convocation or with its yearly strategic planning session.

This year was different. I wanted to take a day with no real plans and no real commitments. I wanted to take the time to let this day happen and it unrolled wonderfully.

I’m not saying it wasn’t filled with some mundane, but required tasks, but those took all of about 60 minutes of my day. The rest of my day included a lunch with friends, followed by an afternoon nap and a chance to get caught up on Lilyhammer.

Later in the evening, I enjoyed a fine dinner out & the chance to share stories with my Mom. I returned home and finished my day with a movie.

Nothing earth shattering or very introspective, but rather a day that focused on what I wanted to do. No schedules. No rules. Just personal.

What’s your ‘Personal Day’ story?


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