A month of kindness…

May 19, 2013

A friend and I discussed sharing a challenge of sorts – a month of acts of kindness. You may know @Jodilynne3 & she certainly has been doing a better job at documenting her kindness journey.

I haven’t been as dedicated, committed or engaged as her and that has left me asking why.

It’s certainly not that I haven’t had the time – in fact – I know I have had the time. It’s not that I haven’t witnessed or read about wonderful acts of kindness. Almost daily – I see people doing wonderful, simple and kind things.

The more I thought about it, the more clear the potential answer / road block / hesitation revealed itself.

You see – I forgot about how simplicity and daily reflection can improve one’s spirits and one’s balance. In an attempt to share a grand story or reveal a previously unknown truth, I just didn’t take the time to ’empty the bowl.’

I didn’t take the time to think back on my day, my interactions, both personal and professional, my successes and my failures. And that stood in the way.

Tomorrow may just be better…


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