Summer Sliding Fun @ Calypso

July 4, 2010

This post has been overdue, but I find myself with time on my hand and thought I would put it to good use. In a Twitter conversation, I shared some thoughts on my experience at Canada’s newest waterpark – Calypso.

To celebrate Father’s Day – my son and I, along with Grandma, went to the $45M water park, located in Limoges, Ontario, just a short drive east of Ottawa. Jaxson, my son, was looking forward to this day for a long time. Although the weather was mixed, there was both sun and rain, we arrived at the park eager to get in a good day of sliding.

And sliding we did. Many times over. One thing I appreciated about the park is that they provide personal flotation devices (PFD) for all ages. The PFD allowed Jaxson, Grandma and I to go on many of the rides. While Jaxson is brave enough or fearless enough to try all of the runs, his stature, at this time, prohibits him from doing so. In retrospect, this is probably a good thing.

Here are some quick thoughts/observations:

    1. You are allowed to bring in a cooler (no glass/no alcohol). It makes it easier to eat healthier and will also be easier on the pocket book.
    2. Having even numbers will make it easier to get the most out of the park, without having one person be the odd one out.
    3. You have the option of using a locker. It does make it easier to store your towel and a change of clothes for the drive home. It will cost you $5, but I found it useful.
    4. It’s a waterpark, with moving water so leave the watches, bracelets, etc in the car or at home. Grandma learnt the hard way.
    5. The line-ups moved quickly. I recognize that this is entirely dependent on the weather and the number of sliders, but found that the staff kept the operation running smoothly.
    6. It’s a waterpark and it is not immune to men and women from wearing, in my opinion, ‘inappropriate swimwear’.
    7. The weather was mixed, but sunscreen is a must.
    8. Although, I don’t find them entirely fashionable, watersocks are a great alternative to sandals. The pavement can get slippery and we witnessed more then a few young children slip and bump their heads.
    9. It’s a waterpark. Have fun!
    10. Have lots of fun.

These are some quick thoughts, but should also let you know of some of the little irritants. These won’t keep me from returning, but I imagine will be worked on as the park matures:

    1. I don’t understand the need to pay $5 for parking, when I have to pay over $100 to get into the park.
    2. Healthier and vegetarian options were seemingly absent from the menu
    3. There is no family pass option. This may need to change.

Overall we had a great time at the park. Jaxson enjoyed himself and before we left the park, he asked when we would be going back. I told him soon, real soon.


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